Genomic Testing


Genomic Testing


Cenegenics is excited to announce a new partnership with New Amsterdam Genomics (NAG). NAG’s genomic testing is the most cutting-edge medical test available. This advanced DNA analysis will allow us to create an even more personalized, proactive program to get and keep you even healthier than before this technology was available.


Cenegenics has chosen New Amsterdam for a variety of reasons. New Amsterdam uses what is referred to as Whole Exome Sequencing, the most clinically useful of the various types of genetic testing. NAG then cross-references 22,000 of your genes (essentially every gene in your body) with over 230,000 health-related findings.


NAG testing is also the most cost effective when considering the amount of information obtained, the reliability of results via supported research, and the personal support for you and your doctor to make the most of your results. Through a special arrangement with NAG, Cenegenics is able to offer this cutting edge testing for significantly lower price than others in the marketplace.


NAG has a very user-friendly portal to access results yourself if you chose. The portal presents your results in a variety of ways that make it much easier to make sense of your results. NAG has the fastest turnaround time in the industry in terms of getting your results back – just 4 weeks compared to others taking 16-20 weeks.


What Can I Learn From This Test?

Am I at risk of a serious medical condition such as heart disease, diabetes, or cancer?  How can I tailor my diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices to optimize my health?  Which medications and therapies are safest and most effective for me?


Cancer risk
Medication responses
Effects of diet, exercise, and lifestyle
Rare genetic disorders
Recessive traits
How will you and your doctor use the information?
Why is Whole Exome Sequencing Better?
What safeguards are in place to protect my privacy?